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About Darkover Poodles
​We proudly present some of our pups who have earned their titles in both Conformation and the Performance Venues. Thank you so much to our friends who have put so much time and effort into the training and showing of our beauties. 

At Darkover Poodles, we are thrilled to have produced so many brilliant, beautiful miniature poodles who have proven that the mini can do it all. You only have to ask!

Here is our first AKC Champion

CH. Darkover Dreem of Blue Skyes. 

Our most sincere thanks to her co-owners for putting their faith in our girl and letting her shine in the Conformation Ring.
Here is our always happy performance girl

MACH Darkover Royal Pop Fizz, NAJ, NF, NA, OAJ, OF, OA, AXJ, AX, MXJ, MX, FX, RN, RA, RE, CD, CGC

Thank you so much, Pam, for all you've done. Who knew that little black puppy would lead to such a wonderful friendship?

This is our very handsome Blue Phantom Boy

GRCH. Darkover Phantom Prinz V. Jolair

We are sincerely grateful to his mom, Anna, for all her work with this gorgeous multi-colored boy. Anna, I miss you so much!

Jack was #5 Multi-Color Poodle for 2015! Thanks SO MUCH to Anna for this dream win.

This is Darkover Auggie - CGC and Therapy Dog. Told ya minis can do it all! Auggie, sadly, has passed over the Rainbow Bridge. He'll be forever in our hearts. Thanks to his mom for giving Auggie the very best home and all the love.

This is our gorgeous little girl
MACH4, PACH2,  Darkover Keeping The Faith, UD, RE, MXB2, MJG2, MXPB, MJP5, PAX2, MXF, SCN, SIN, TKI
Thank you so much, Barbara, for all your hard work.
​Faith is #7 Preferred Agility Poodle for 2019!!!

UCH Darkover Pearl Jam, silver miniature girl.

My utmost thanks to Barbara Coe! MACH Darkover Hope Springs Eternal, UDX, RN, MAX, MXJ, MXF, SWN, RATN   Hope has made me SO proud, one of four Darkovers for Barb.