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About Darkover Poodles
​Having been raised with miniature poodles, I couldn't imagine having any other kind of dog sharing our home. We've had all three varieties over the years and love them all - but the miniatures are our perfect size. Portable, healthy, brilliant, loving and did I mention gorgeous? 

We concentrate on Silver, White and Blue with Phantoms as a happy surprise every now and then. All our adults are DNA tested for PRA PRCD, rcd4 PRA, osteochondrodysplasia and DM. 

We are a small breeder with dogs who are family members first and show/breeding dogs second. They share our beds, our couches and our dinners more often than not. Spoiled? Probably. But we couldn't imagine any other way to raise happy, healthy puppies to share with just the right families.

We usually have no more than one or two litters a year. These are carefully planned breedings meant to produce the kind of poodle that we, ourselves, would want to live with. Sane, people-oriented, energetic but not manic - these are the things we look for in our parent dogs. We breed to the AKC standard but do not hide our occasional phantom puppy. These beauties can be shown in UKC Conformation competition. 

On the left is our boy  PACH Darkover Gaston Galloher, UD, RE, AX, MSJ, MXP2, MJP4, MJPB 
We are so very thankful to his moms for rescuing and adopting Buddy and giving him the chance to shine in the performance ring.
These spoiled beauties are Toby (L) and Ginger (R). Their dads are the very best poodle parents!
This is our Louie, aka
Paean's Wild Thing At Darkover . 
Our most sincere thanks to our friend Dee in WI for letting us have this goofy, lovable, gorgeous boy.  Louie is now living with his new mom Sue and is having a ball at Barn Hunting and now Agility. Thank you so much, Sue, for giving our lovie the home he was meant to have.

Yes, Louie's a miniature poodle - he's amazing!