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Miniature Poodles
Welcome to the home site for Darkover Poodles. We proudly present Silver, Blue, White and Cream miniature poodles. 

​Sadly, we do not have nor are we expecting to have, red or apricot puppies at this time or in the near future. We have Miniature Poodles, not Toys- the difference is both height and pedigree. Toys are bred to be up to 10" at the shoulder, Minis are over 10" and up to 15" at the shoulder - more or less. In both varieties you can get oversized (by a couple inches).  We'll try our best to refer people to breeders who do have the color/variety you are looking for, but a good start is always your local poodle club.

Interested in learning more about our services?

If you're interested in one of our pups, please drop us a note with a little information about your family, what you're looking for in a poodle (color/sex) and what you'd like to do with your puppy as s/he grows up. We try to match pups with their human family's energy levels and expectations of future adventures. Most important - will someone be home to housetrain/socialize your puppy? If not, what can you work out with family or friends?

Emails are probably the best way to connect with us. I get to phone messages as time allows.